Neoway for Good

Learn about Neoway's positioning and the actions taken to help fight the new coronavirus and support the Brazilian business environme




Learn about Neoway's positioning

Since the new Coronavirus arrived in Brazil, bringing insecurity and instability to the most diverse sectors of society, Neoway has adopted measures divided into three pillars: the company itself (customers and employees), society (through benefits, above all, for health system) and companies in general. We have invested in new solutions that can help governments, healthcare establishments and businesses in all segments to overcome this moment.


We guarantee security and continuity in the services provided during the period.

For us at Neoway, remote work is already a reality, as all of our tools and systems are based on Cloud Computing, which allows teams to access from anywhere.

In this way, we enable teamwork and the continuity of our business and services without impact on deliveries to our customers indefinitely.

The Neoway Platform follows the Cloud Computing model, with all the best practices necessary to ensure security, high availability, scalability and resilience, in addition to being fully managed and operated remotely by our Engineering and Technology teams.


Partnerships for good

We are experienced in helping companies use data and technology to their advantage. Currently, we are using our tools to help combat the spread of Covid-19 and reduce the impact on the healthcare system and the business environment.

Our area of Strategic Partnerships was all directed to take care of “Partnerships for Good”. #NeowayForGood

Below, we list some of our actions for the public and private sectors:

Neoway (customers and employees)

Working from home:

On March 12th we began implementing a prevention plan that involves new policies for meetings, events, and office work. We fully adopted working from home for all of our approximately 450 employees, who were also requested to decline participation in events or visits to customers.


Events organized by Neoway now take place in a remote format. Customers can contact their CS reps for questions about the projects.

Impact indicator:

Considering the consequences of the crisis for Brazilian companies, including our customers, our team of data scientists has developed an Impact Indicator in which businesses can analyze which segments are most susceptible to the economic reflexes caused by the pandemic. When used with our Big Data Analytics platform, the indicator serves as a guide for companies in analyzing their customer portfolio, as well as in making decisions  in the coming months.

Society (Health system benefits) and others

Vulnerability Risk Model:

We created a model of vulnerable people to be used by state and municipal health departments. With this technology, government officials have free access to a vulnerability score defined from data such as number of residents over 60, distance to the nearest hospital bed (public and private), number of respirators and CT scanners, among others .


We help hospitals in the country to locate nearby health establishments with free beds to support them during high demand, and also to locate health professionals available for immediate hire.


We developed, in partnership with Zenvia Mobile, an application to be used free of charge by municipal and state health departments to facilitate the screening of people suspected of being infected by Covid-19. So far, more than 30 health departments are using the technology.

Debts made easy:

We joined the Recovery Group to segment some profiles of health professionals who will have a differentiated service in relation to their debts. In all, more than 32 thousand people will be impacted, including doctors, nurses and nursing technicians.

Covid Radar:

The information from our Big Data Analytics platform is fueling the initiative that unites more than 40 companies and institutions. So far, ten Brazilian universities are already using the data in their research centers.

Basic food baskets:

In partnership with Nutricash, we make our technology available to help NGOs and other institutions to manage social benefits, above all, distribution of basic food baskets.

Companies in General

Estímulo 2020:

We’ve given our technology to the fund that will lend money at almost zero cost to micro and small entrepreneurs. To date, approximately 4 thousand business owners have already been impacted.

Movimento Nós:

In partnership with eight of the main companies in the country, we are helping to reopen small businesses.

Support a restaurant:

In partnership with Stella Artois, Stone and ChefsClub, we have already helped over 2,500 bars and restaurants across Brazil.

Toasts for good:

We teamed up with Heineken to help bars in Brazil overcome the crisis triggered by the pandemic. More than 6.3 thousand bars already registered.

Beleza Amiga:

We are part of the L'Oreal movement to help beauty salons across Brazil.

Americanas Universe

We support Americanas Universe, Americanas.com, and Lojas Americanas. The initiative has already donated personal hygiene kits to more than 1,000 nursing homes in Brazil.


We created a special package for the more than 1,000 companies associated with the Catarinense Technology Association (Acate) to use our technology.


Our Legal Analysis area is supporting companies with large legal portfolios to identify amounts receivable from lawsuits. This is a form of instant cash relief.


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