Neoway API

Get the data you need.


Turn data into knowledge

Choose strategic information for your business and receive it quickly and safely in the environment of your choice

Access secure and up-to-date data about companies and people in addition to statistical modeling developed by our data scientists.



Achieve compatibility in system integrations and agility in the exchange of information


High productivity

Automate data export and increase the productivity of your analysis



Integrate with Neoway data for a more complete analysis



Control the information that will be made available to the teams and who has access



Count on a customizable API to meet the specific needs of different departments of your company


Data modeled

Use the data modeled by our data scientists based on the needs of your business


Data protection

Audit access to data that passes through the API in accordance with the rules of the LGPD and the Internet Marco Civil law

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Examples of available data

Stakeholder Onboarding

Visualize relationship networks at different levels and identify possible conflicts of interest.

Commercial Intelligence

Add relevant data to your CRM to find your ideal customer profile, segment audiences according to your products, and generate qualified leads.

Legal Proceedings

Access the largest database in the country on judicial and extrajudicial proceedings. There are more than 375 millions legal proceedings available to guide your legal analysis.

Compliance score

Understand which companies are at a higher risk of involvement in illegal activities based on a score that based on various specific data for compliance.

Fraud Analysis

Validate and detect inconsistencies in registration information. Find suspicious behavior that could indicate fraud.


Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Using Neoway's intelligence and data, analyze Market Share, understand your ideal customer profile and segment them, generate qualified leads, find upsell and cross-sell opportunities, manage the pipeline, and optimize the qualification of leads in the digital universe


Use market data and cross-check internal information to understand your best customer, generate qualified leads, and assign better opportunities to the sales team.

CRM Enrichment

Enrich your database with complete information to better understand your customers and improve your communication and segmentation rules.

Market Intelligence

Map the presence of competitors and potential customers, find areas with the greatest potential to buy your products, and check opportunities for business expansion.


Stakeholder Onboarding

Validate data, perform background checks and due diligence (KYC, KYS, KYP, KYE) from information such as Corporate and Management Boards, final beneficiaries, and functional history among others.

National and International Risk Lists

Access data from restrictive lists and find connections between companies and partners that may pose risks to your business.

Conflicts of Interest

Find out what relationships exist between people and companies and find out what connections may present conflicts of interest between customers, suppliers, and employees.

Registration Validation

Quickly validate registration data and people's identities using document-scanning and proof-of-life technologies.

Fraud Analysis

Analyze customer behavior to find evidence of fraud and protect your business.

Legal Analysis | Credit Management

Legal Proceedings (on demand, big data, and totals)

Access data on more than 375 million judicial and extrajudicial proceedings to do onboarding and due diligence of stakeholders, improve credit management, and explore market opportunities.

Neoway Cred

Personalized credit scores for your products and your customers' profiles based on your internal data and the data menu provided by Neoway.

Neoway Precatory

Find information on precatories in order to adjust credit granting and debt collection based on the amounts receivable.



Use data on companies and people for prospecting and onboarding customers, compliance, credit analysis and recovery, prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, and the strategic management of lawsuits.


Enrich your CRM with georeferenced, registration, location and contact data, QSAs, estimated sales, number of employees, etc. Perform market research by region. Use custom templates to manage your inventory and better understand your sales and your customers.


Access data on healthcare establishments (types of care, beds by specialty and specialized services, specialties served, treated diseases, etc.) and healthcare professionals (place of business, companies with corporate participation, degree of market influence, accredited healthcare operators etc.).

Consumer Goods

Find registration and market information, as well as modeled data such as type of establishment (restaurant, bar, etc.) and type of cuisine (japanese, italian, hamburger, etc.) to plan the best product mix and develop efficient sales strategies.