The compliance program from Neoway



A set of measures that aims to apply, ensure, and enforce the Neoway mission, vision, and values.

NeoEthics also aims to prevent, detect and remedy misconduct that could cause economic or image damage for Neoway.

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Neoway Code of Ethics and Conduct describes the pillars that support NeoEthics, with clear guidelines on the expected standards of conduct in order to preserve an ethical, honest, and transparent environment. It applies to all employees and Third Parties involved with Neoway.


Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy

This Anti-Corruption and Anti-Bribery Policy (“Policy”) aims to present the main directives and legal guidelines related to Neoway’s obligations to prevent corruption and bribery in its business, as well as interactions and contacts with external stakeholders of Neoway's employees and administrators with Public Agents and Third Parties.


NeoLine - Confidential Hotline

Neoway does not allow any violation of its internal laws or policies, and maintains an open environment for dialogue as a way to improve its business processes and relations. Any misconduct involving Neoway can be reported on NeoLine, Neoway's Confidential Hotline, either by employees or third parties. The reports are received by an independent and specialized company, and can be made anonymously.