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Neoway is Latin America’s largest company for Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for businesses. Since 2002 we have been offering intelligent solutions that transform information into knowledge and generate productivity and precision for marketing strategies, compliance, loss prevention among others.


Through Neoway’s official representatives, we have been able to take our solutions to customers all over Brazil. Today we have three types of partners: Channels, which have various training and materials, in addition to an exclusive incentive program; Distributors, whose channels have access to our prospecting platform and training and support from our internal teams among other benefits; and Referrals, who also receive an attractive commission, but do not need to follow the entire sales and after-sales process with the Neoway team.


Neoway Partners for Channels Badge

The Neoway Partners badge attests to your knowledge of Big Data Analytics and Neoway solutions. It is awarded to all channels that meet the following requirements:

  • Be approved by the Neoway Compliance process
  • Complete the training available at the Neoway Academy
  • Obtain the required grades in sales and CS authorizations
  • Demonstrate good performance in achieving the defined goals


To participate, carefully read the corresponding contract below.

How to participate