DataWise +: analyze the capital markets like never before.

Monitor market share, make comparisons with competitors, understand the behavior of financial instruments and each category of investor. Enjoy this and much more in an efficient, agile, and customizable way.

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A B3 solution built for you with Neoway technology

With DataWise +, expand your business potential in the capital markets through direct access to data from stock exchange operations that take place at B3, including trading, allocation, spot market position, futures, and loans among others. Carry out analyses more easily and efficiently and define the best strategies for your company. DataWise+ is an intuitive and easy-to-use platform.

For each data pack purchased, perform queries in four different ways: standardized on-screen dashboards, customized on-screen dashboards, content downloads, and file API.

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Understand why DataWise + and its features are already successful in the capital markets.

View market rankings and make filters simply and quickly.
Understand trading flows by role, instrument type, and investor category, making more accurate predictions of market movements.
Track your Market Share by role, instrument type, and investor category, making your trading plan more complete.
Customize the purchased data in Power BI on the platform itself and improve your market intelligence.
Increase your productivity with the option to download data in different formats, whether via screen download or file API.
With the ease of integration, perform more robust analyses by cross referencing B3 data with data from other sources such as Neoway, internal sources, and market sources in your infrastructure.

Discover the main benefits of DataWise + and make the most of our platform.

Relevant, reliable, and up-to-date data directly from B3's databases, which reduces uncertainties and supports decision-making.
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Guaranteed data security with governance and processes recognized by the market.
Consolidated and integrated information about markets, financial instruments, and investor categories among others.
Intuitive and accessible interface for different user profiles.
Possibility of customizing analyses.
Various forms of query, including automation via file API.
Roadmap for including new data packs and new features.

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