PIP Monitor: the compliance tool that was missing in your daily life.

Ensure compliance with internal policies related to investments by related parties and own-issued assets. Protect your company from irregular practices such as insider trading and front running!

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Count on PIP Monitor, a B3 product marketed by Neoway.

Carrying out Personal Investment Policy (PIP) Monitoring is an essential task to eliminate legal, regulatory, and reputational risks for your company. The rules of this policy aim to regulate the personal investments of employees and people connected to them, protecting organizations from the possible use of privileged information.

PIP Monitor checks investments made within the B3 environment, which allows it to identify whether those being monitored are following the Personal Investment Policy. The following profiles are considered "Connected Persons":


People who are controlling or participate in the corporate control of a company or entities


Spouse or partner and children of employees


Investment funds and clubs in which the majority of shares belong to connected persons


People or entities in which monitoring is mandatory for legal and/or regulatory reasons.

Discover the main advantages of PIP Monitor for your business.


Allows you to monitor compliance with Personal Investment Policies.


Reduces the risk of using insider information, thus inhibiting Insider trading.


Makes your compliance process more efficient, avoiding legal and reputational risks.


Allows for more complete monitoring, as it includes fixed income, variable income, loans, and day trade operations among others.


Assists listed companies in monitoring operations involving own-issued assets.


Offers verification of the operations history of employees and connected persons.


Provides standardized files with information on operations carried out in B3 markets.


Enables the parameterization of rules and facilitates analysis of your operations.

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