Financial institutions that rely on Neoway solutions

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B3 Beetech Recovery XP Investimentos Algarve Banco do empreendedor Transfeera Foxbit Intrabank GR Discovery Lotus

Get to know Neoway's solutions for Financial Institutions

Sales and Marketing

Prospect and segment customers to offer retail, corporate, consigned, private, and M&A services.
Get Data License with data consumption and built-in modeling.

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Risk and compliance

Identify goods and assets with the decision engine.
Perform onboarding and monitoring of third parties with a focus on PLD. Meet the requirements of BACEN Circular nº 3978 (PEP).

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Fraud Prevention

Perform digital onboarding of customers and third parties with the support of the rules engine.
Accelerate your analysis with facial biometrics, documentoscopy, and OCR technologies.

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Capital Market

Make accurate estimates of Wallet Share, prioritize Superleads and recommend products optimally by prospect. Model on demand.

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We guarantee compliance
with regulatory rules

We develop projects in compliance with a set of legal rules to guarantee security for your business. Neoway is certified by ISO 37001 (Anti-Bribery Management System), ISO 27001 (Information Security), ISO 27017 and 27018 (Security for Cloud Services).

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BACEN 3978

Combating money laundering and terrorist financing

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BACEN 4327

Socio-environmental governance for financial institutions

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BACEN 4557

Rules for the integrated risk and capital management of Banks

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CVM 50

Prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing (PLDFT)

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Expansion of the PEP concept to new positions

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BACEN 3954

Rules referring to the hiring of banking correspondents in the country

The Customer Journey in Finance

By using Neoway solutions, your financial institution accelerates marketing and sales strategies.
You will be able to segment customers precisely, prioritizing those who are more likely to evolve quickly in the customer journey and acquire your products.


Reduce the risk of fraud when registering new customers and suppliers. Have more agility and security in the onboarding process with anti-fraud technologies and the Neoway decision engine.


Strengthen compliance management mechanisms and regulatory standards in the financial sector. Protect yourself from legal and reputational risks related to evidence of money laundering and other irregular conduct.


Use Data Analytics to consolidate your institution's application scoring and behavior scoring models. Increase the efficiency of your lending and financing policies.


se data on assets, rights, and debts to optimize your judicial and administrative collections rules. Apply proper collections policies and recover balances faster.


Faster due diligence


Time reduction in customer registration and onboarding


ROI on credit recovery


ROI on acquiring new customers

The numbers above reflect results achieved in Neoway's successful cases with financial institutions

Neoway helps financial institutions generate more results

Talk to our experts and find out how

Top 10 Banks

9 of the 10 largest Private Banks in the country rely on Neoway solutions

According to the Valor1000 ranking of the 100 largest Brazilian banks.

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Top 10 Fintechs

6 of the 10 largest Fintechs in the country use Neoway solutions

According to the Distrito ranking that indicates the largest Brazilian startups.

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Top 10 Financial Services

6 of the top 10 financial services companies are Neoway customers

According to the Exame ranking that indicates the best financial services in Brazil.

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Financial market specialists


active projects


Impacted companies

Numbers that indicate confidence

We use Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence to solve real problems for your financial institution. Our team of experts is ready to help you gain decision-making power.

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