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Solutions focused on the consumer goods market

Find out how we help companies in the consumer goods industry earn more and lose less

Prospecting and Digital Marketing

Analysis and e-commerce prospecting

Access strategic data on more than 260 thousand companies that have e-commerce, enhance the opportunities for selling digital payment products and identify those that use competing platforms.

Profile analysis

Study your current customer portfolio to find companies with the desired profile and  increase the volume of potential registrations.


Segment companies by type of establishment to offer products and services according to the business profile.


Clean up your CRM and enrich it with data such as address, CNAEs, partners, estimated sales, etc.


Define product, price, market, and advertising strategies from georeferenced studies on the target audience and use the data for expansion planning


Using variables such as size, billing, tax payments, and number of employees, generate more qualified leads and direct the sales team to the markets with the greatest purchasing potential.

Prospect Management

Track the evolution and status of each opportunity by salesperson.


Find companies with potential for alliances and partnerships based on type of activity, size, segment, and all relevant information for your business.

Market Analysis

Define the total size of your market, understand the geographical area where your competitors operate, and identify your next business opportunities


Due Diligence

Get to know your potential suppliers, customers and distributors in detail before closing a deal.

Reputational Analysis

Use a combination of terms and entities during a web search to identify negative media reports and support reputational analysis.

Stakeholder Management

Analyze your stakeholders and find out which ones have involvement with suspicious activities.

Complete Risk Analysis

Identify corporate structures, economic groups, and other types of relationships and observe proximity to customizable risk lists.

Know your
Employee (KYE)

Improve the onboarding process for employees to mitigate risks related to labor lawsuits, criminal records, and image risks for the organization.

Know your
Customer (KYC)

Automate onboarding new customers, get to know them in detail, and make the largest number of approvals with the lowest possible operational risk

Mergers and Acquisitions

Make better decisions in mergers and acquisitions of new companies based on reliable data and statistical models


Monitor companies and people continuously and receive alerts whenever there are suspicious or unusual actions. Make more agile decisions and save time that would be spent on manual monitoring.

Combating Corruption

Increase the agility and efficiency of the processes to prevent corruption, money laundering and financing of terrorism.


Reduce the risk of default and fraud by stakeholders and comply with the laws and regulations of regulatory bodies such as BACEN and CVM.

Legal Analysis

Precise Contingency

Predict losses or wins from lawsuits and adjust amounts reserved for contingency.

Fraud Prevention

Identify evidence of fraud in lawsuits based on relationships between active parties, lawyers, content, and recurrence.

Judicial Proceedings and Monitoring

Track the performance of outsourced parties or lawyers.

 Informed Analysis

Assess the Judiciary situation in relation to your company and establish governance strategies.

Strategic Management

Access a broad and granular view of the company's procedural portfolio, outsourced or contested parties, and their competitors.

Prediction of results in court decisions

Know when it is appropriate to sign agreements and evaluate resources proposed during the proceedings.

 Fraud Detection

Data Verification

Determine the authenticity of documents and obtain registration data quickly using document technology.

Identity Check

Make customer proof of life identifications through facial recognition, comparing images of identification documents (such as RG and CNH) with photos (selfie),

Fraud Prevention

Use Pathfinder to make complete analyses and identify relationships between companies, individuals, and economic groups.

Prior Risk

Access a trusted database with more than 350,000 CPFs linked to fraud and add names to your Blacklist of fraudsters.

 Compliance Score

Apply the compliance score and find out if your client complies with the Central Bank's PLD guidelines.

Background Check

Do a background check and obtain information on user restrictions by cross referencing CPFs with Platform data.

Credit Management


Decrease the default rate of your customer portfolio.

Unbanked Segment

Get income information for the unbanked segment.

Credit Analysis

Know your potential customers and find out which consumers are the most adherent to each credit range.

Customized Models

Use customized variables in your credit models.


Increase KS with credit score models superior to those of credit bureaus.

Consumption Profile

Through behavior analyses, adjust your offers to  different consumption profiles.

Precatory Search

Find precatories by characteristics of interest such as “type” (federal, state, or municipal), values, parts, nature, etc.

Loan Guarantee

Search your clients' debts to guarantee loans - including with INSS pensioners - and increase the performance of your current portfolio.

Recovery and Collections

Improve your credit recovery process from a more agile and efficient collection analysis.


Make strategic analyses based on information about all companies in Brazil. Use Machine Learning technology to automate lead generation.

Access public information about Individuals to improve marketing strategies, commercial intelligence, and qualified prospecting.


Access control panels with data on all your legal proceedings and those of competitors. Find evidence of fraud and manage the results of legal departments and law firms.

Monitor various public data about companies and partners and receive automatic alerts. Identify and act quickly to avoid legal and reputational risks.


Protect yourself from fraud and monitor possible threats on an ongoing basis.

Monitor risks and ensure productivity and accuracy in the credit management process.


Do thorough due diligence, avoid risks and make decisions quickly.

Access the largest base of judicial and extrajudicial proceedings in Brazil, in addition to variables modeled by our Data Scientists


Protect yourself from fraud and monitor possible threats on an ongoing basis.

Monitor risks and ensure productivity and accuracy in the credit management process.


Enhance the precatories search process and manage them in a qualified manner.




Count on the help of a specialist in strategic analysis throughout the project.



Count on our experts for BI, Web, BOTs, APIs and integrations with third-party systems.



Contact our support to configure the Solutions you have purchased and ask questions about the Neoway Platform.



Receive guidance from a professional to align your business objectives and goals with Neoway technologies.


Data Science
& Analytics

Get customized variables that will contribute to your business decision making.



Access dashboards with customized data and views according to your company's needs.


Neoway Academy

Do training on our Solutions and market themes on an online teaching platform. Always have the materials at your disposal.

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