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Prospecting and Digital Marketing

Strategic technology data

Search for companies and domains and get information about the types of technologies used, such as e-commerce, payment methods, marketing tools, delivery providers, among others. Improve sales and marketing analysis and make prospecting much more accurate.

Accurate prospecting

Understand the profile of your best customers from variables such as CNAE, billing, and specific location, and prioritize the prospecting of similar leads.

Market expansion

Find and analyze regions where your company does not operate, understand the profile of surrounding customers and create an expansion strategy for potential locations.

Impact on customers

Analyze your client portfolio based on variables such as estimated sales, number of employees, and CNAE among others. Understand the effects of Covid-19 on each company.

Impact on leads

Use Covid-19 scores and indicators to make a strategic survey prioritizing companies and people who have suffered less from the impacts of the current crisis.


Operation security

Improve the onboarding process of drivers, couriers, and associates and get to know third parties in detail before closing a deal or contract.

Risk monitoring

Monitor suppliers and partners continuously and receive alerts whenever the platform detects suspicious or unusual actions.

Reputational analysis

Combine terms with companies and people in an online search to identify negative media records and facilitate reputational analysis.

Legal analysis

Lawsuit management

Predict losses or gains from lawsuits and adjust amounts reserved for contingency. Know when it is appropriate to sign agreements and evaluate the resources proposed during the process. Track the performance of outsourced parties or lawyers.

Lawsuit fraud

Identify evidence of fraudulent lawsuit based on relationships between active parties, lawyers, content, and recurrence.

Holistic vision

Assess the judicial scenario in relation to the company and establish governance strategies. Access a broad and granular view of the company's procedural portfolio, outsourced or contested parties, and their competitors.

Fraud detection

Digital onboarding

Automate the digital onboarding of new customers, drivers, associates, suppliers and deliverers to ensure agility and accuracy and reduce the fraud rate of your business.

Identity verification

Use facial recognition between identification documents (such as RG and CNH,) and photos (selfie), to verify the person's identity.

Background Check

Do background checks by crossing information obtained in documents with the databases made available by Neoway, its partners, and any other source you wish.

Fraudster database

Check and validate people and companies on a database with more than 350,000 fraudsters identified.


Make strategic analyses based on information about all companies in Brazil. Count on Machine Learning technology to automate lead generation.

Access public information about Individuals to improve marketing strategies, commercial intelligence, and qualified prospecting.


Create due diligence reports, manage risk, credit, and collection from the largest lawsuit base in Brazil.

Monitor various public data about companies and partners and receive automatic alerts. Identify and act quickly to avoid legal and reputational risks.


Do thorough due diligence, avoid risks, and make decisions quickly.

Prevent risky situations in the digital registration and reduce process time and costs with accurate and automatic analysis.




Count on the help of a specialist in strategic analysis throughout the project.



Count on our experts for BI, Web, BOTs, APIs and integrations with third-party systems.



Contact our support team to configure the solutions you have purchased and ask questions about the Neoway Platform.



Receive guidance from a professional to combine your business objectives and goals with Neoway technologies.


Data Science
& Analytics

Get customized variables that will contribute to your business decision making.



Access dashboards with customized data and views according to your company's needs.


Neoway Academy

Get training on our Solutions and market themes on an online teaching platform. Always have the materials at your disposal.


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