Solutions that give agility and predictability to decision making in legal departments and law firms.

Legal Analysis Solutions

Our solutions centralize, organize, and deliver everything you need to make strategic decisions and be more productive

We support the management of legal departments and law firms with data and indicators generated by Artificial Intelligence that facilitate the analysis of performance (their own and third parties), and help in the management of risks and generation of business opportunities for the offices.


Big data and deep learning

Access estimates on the duration of lawsuits and sentence values among other indicators, delivered through big data and deep learning.


Performance and internal processes 

Direct team efforts towards intellectual activities, adjust internal legal processes, and analyze the performance of outsourced offices.


Fraud Prevention

Locate evidence of misconduct, procedural fraud and other factors that pose risks to your business.


Business opportunities 

Filter by type of lawsuit to find upsell opportunities in your client portfolio. Locate passive or active parties to offer legal advice.



Add data on legal processes to your inquiries about suppliers, customers, employees, and other stakeholders.


Credit Management 

Find your debtors judicial assets that can be collected in the credit recovery process. Aggregate data to make the credit granting process more precise.


Neoway Legal

Access control panels with data on all your lawsuits as well as those of your competitors. Find evidence of fraud and manage the results of legal departments and law firms.

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Neoway Lawsuits

Create legal indicators, generate leads from lawyers and law firms or create due diligence and risk management reports with the largest lawsuit database in Brazil.

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Customer Success

Count on the help of a specialist in strategic analysis throughout the project.

Solution Delivery

Count on our specialists for BI, Web, BOTs, APIs and integrations with third-party.


Contact our support to configure the acquired solutions and answer questions about the Neoway Platform.

Business Analyst

Receive guidance from a professional to combine your business objectives and goals with Neoway technologies.

Data Science & Analytics

Get customized variables that will contribute to your business decision making.

Business Intelligence

Access dashboards with customized data and views according to your company's needs.

Neoway Academy

Complete training on our solutions and market themes on an online teaching platform. Always have the materials at your disposal.

Recovery of Legal Receivables

Legal advice for recovering values (in partnership with ASBZ Advogados).